IoT North Conference

IoT North Conference is a world class, two-day business and technical conference featuring, deep discussion, collaborative content, and a vibrant marketplace for business. The conference will convey national and international perspective and insights about the IoT Sector through dynamic panel discussions, round table conversations and use case presentations. The exhibition will feature those innovative Canadian and International companies who demonstrate some of the best in Canadian Technology driving our economy and creating advancements and opportunities. 

Register to attend as a delegate of IoT North Conference 2022 and hear from executive level professionals and prominent thought leaders from companies and associations who are key stakeholders and advocates for IoT, such as: Attabotics, Spartan Controls, BDC, Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN), Alberta IoT Association, AIoT Canada, SensorUp, TELUS Business, Economic Development Lethbridge, SAIT, Supply Chain Canada, VizworX, Health Cities, just to name a few!  

The first day will feature lively discussions from moderated panels of notable
experts, professionals, and leaders in IoT advancement and technology
innovation. Experts such as Nanette Ho-Coverton, Sustainability Leader at
Spartan Controls, will discuss the application of IoT technologies to achieve
sustainability, as well as prioritizing environmental, social, and governance
(ESG) within organizations to add value and gain competitive advantage.
Beckedorf and Wilson Acton, a four-time tech startup founder, will also bring
their knowledge to share how companies can successfully move beyond
government and grant funding and bring in the right players to move towards

“In today’s digital world, IoT connectivity and industry solutions will drive the
kind of efficiency, productivity and speed that hasn’t been possible before now.
To get ahead, companies need to think about their holistic IoT strategy. This is
what inspired TELUS to partner with the IoT North Conference, and we look
forward to business, industry, and the public sector coming together to discuss
critical opportunities to unlock the power of IoT for creating hyper-efficient,
insights-driven, connected organizations and communities,” said Navin Arora,
Executive Vice-president, TELUS and President, TELUS Business Solutions.
Diving deeper into specific areas of IoT through community presentations will
be on the agenda for the second day of the conference. Topics such as AI
(artificial intelligence), quantum computing, connectivity (5G, LoRaWAN, low
Earth-orbit satellites), security and privacy (blockchain, cybersecurity, data
encryption, data governance) will take the lead in concurrent tracks of
presentations via round tables and interactive dialogues designed for the
diversity of our audience. These presentations will go beyond IoT to offer
transformational solutions that combine several disruptive technologies to
companies from any sector.


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