Unanath Reggie Ramlochan

Advisor | Entrepreneurship

SK Startup Institute

Reggie was born and raised in the culturally vibrant twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago. There he enjoyed a progressive career in the Oil & Gas Industry honing his technical and leadership skills. In 2023, he moved to Saskatoon and in April of 2024 he joined the SK Startup Institute team as an Advisor, Entrepreneurship.

Reggie has a passion for people and nature, as a person with a big picture worldview he is constantly awe inspired by the beautiful scenery which he calls his; “peaceful playground.” His love for people is shared through his involvement with various volunteer organizations in Trinidad serving as a Mentor and Coach to young professionals & business owners.

Reggie is no stranger to entrepreneurship himself; it is that love for people and personal development that motivated him to own and operate his own coaching business. Reggie knows first-hand how unpredictable the journey of starting and operating a business can be. Leading with empathy, and creativity Reggie is always willing to be of service to entrepreneurs by helping them see the possibilities and potential within themselves.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Reggie savors life’s simple pleasures, whether it’s immersing himself in the company of friends, honing his skills at the local shooting range, embracing the challenge of the gym, or embarking on adventures amidst Saskatchewan’s breathtaking scenery, he is always looking to have new experiences.


Reggie graduated from the University of the West Indies with a Masters in Sustainable Energy Management. He also holds a Bachelors of Business Management from the Anglia Ruskin University in England.

Areas of Expertise

Business Startup, Market Research, Funding Options, and Business Set-up Guidance.

Skills and Strengths (AKA Superpowers)

Creative Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Business Development, Business Coaching, Analytical Skills, and Communication.

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Locations: Saskatoon, Virtual