Startup TNT: SK Summit IX

Startup TNT is dedicated to improving access to capital for early-stage tech companies. They do this by increasing the pool of professional early-stage investors, educating entrepreneurs on fundraising best practices, and facilitating lasting relationships between both parties.

Startup TNT Investment Summits help raise capital for startups and make it easier for local investors, both seasoned and new, to angel investing.

Eligibility: 4 unique Summit Streams will be held for startup companies located in Edmonton (Northern Alberta), Calgary (Southern Alberta), Saskatchewan (Provincial), and Manitoba (Provincial). Learn More

How it Works: $150K+ invested into each Winner ($100k+ from the individual angels and $50k from the VC fund, syndicated as one cheque) + $25K-$250K side deals into additional companies.

Many angels decide to invest more than their original $5k cheque; therefore, the Winner will likely raise $150k – $500k+ in total. In 2023, 11 Summit Winners received an average of $185K.

Additional side deals negotiated at the Summit Finale with non-winners range from $25k to $350k.

All deals are syndicated by Startup TNT (through an LP), resulting in a single line on your cap table and easy investor relations.

To learn more about this opportunity go to the Startup TNT Website!