Camp 2030: Sept. 11 – 16, 2023 (Age 18 – 35)

Camp 2030 is UNITE 2030’s global, in-person convening, and bringing together top Youth Leaders from across the globe for 6 days of innovation and co-creation for the Sustainable Development Goals. Successful applicants will ‘camp’ for 6 days at Echo Lake (in upstate New York) and wrap up the event in New York City. Applications for this 2023 event are now until Jan. 18!

The goal of this gathering is to increase 1) Knowledge, 2) Confidence and 3) Community around new solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the UN.

Camper Eligibility:

  • Between the ages of 18 – 35 years old on the 1st day of Camp (September 11th, 2023);
  • Fluency and ability to communicate about complex topics in English;
  • Proven track record of taking action for social causes;
  • Demonstrated embodiment of UNITE 2030 core values through your action and your work;
  • Ability to travel to the United States during the dates of September 11th – 16th, 2023.

For more information on eligibility, visit the webpage here.

Visit the Camp 2030 website here.

The online application is available here.