The Money Mind Shift Method

Where’s your head at?

Do you struggle with not earning enough? Are you constantly doubting or having to defend your value? Do you stress about growing debt or shrinking savings?

Welcome to The MindShift Method

The MindShift Method is a revolutionary approach to transforming how you see, spend, share, and earn money. It’s a radically simple approach to reinventing your relationship with money.

It simplifies the complexity of your money mindset into three planes, enabling you to identify the blocks and make the necessary shifts to align your mindset with your financial goals.

With expert guidance and interactive coaching, you can solve the puzzle of your money mindset and experience true financial freedom.

The Approach.

Through the cutting-edge sciences of epigenetics, behavioral finance, and neuroeconomics, you’ll discover the root of your limiting beliefs and behaviors, and learn how to rewire the neural pathways that lead to a new financial future.

Shift 1: The Money Memoire

Explore the developmental programming at the root of your money choices.

Shift 2: The Money Tree

Unearth the inherited programming at the root of many of your subconscious financial fears.

Shift 3: The Money Mirror

Reflect on which of your financial beliefs are self-actualized as a result of your perception of early childhood experiences.

Shift 4: Money Motivation

The biology of neuroplasticity. Why trying to fix the problem is keeping you stuck.

Join us for this mind-blowing, eye-opening, money-shifting challenge, as we delve into the fascinating workings of your brain and unlock your full financial potential. It’s time to take control and make your dreams a reality!

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Tools Included.

  • The Money Type Quiz [PDF]
  • The Money MindShift Workbook [PDF]
  • Money Mastery Map [PDF]

About the NTN Pro: Taunya Woods Richardson, CMC

Meet Taunya Woods Richardson, CMC – a leading specialist in the emerging field of behavioral finance. With over three decades of entrepreneurship experience, Taunya is renowned for her innovative and pragmatic approach to inspiring money mastery among Canadian entrepreneurs.

Taunya’s insights and expertise on entrepreneurship and finance have been featured in renowned publications such as the National Post, Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Profit and Venture Magazine, and CBC Radio.

As a champion of the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem, Taunya remains deeply involved in various organizations and initiatives, including Global Entrepreneurship Week, Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Challenge, Schulich’s Rise Case Competition, SHAD International, and First Nations University’s Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Cost: $990

Dates: Friday June 9th, Monday June 12th, Friday June 16th, Monday June 19th

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