Kendra Weenie & Community Futures Visions North “A Path to Healing”

Kendra Weenie is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator from Sweetgrass First Nation in Northern Saskatchewan. She is a CBC Future 40 Award recipient and has been featured locally and provincially on International Women’s Day. Kendra came from humble beginnings, but through sport and culture, she was able to further her confidence, work ethic, and sense of identity. Kendra continues to share her story through keynotes and workshops in hopes of encouraging others to heal and promoting self-care and healing through her workshops geared toward trauma survivors. She has co-founded two non-profits. Crystal’s Gift is based out of Saskatoon, SK, and is a program designed to assist single mothers in need of gently used furniture items. IndigiFund is a non-profit aimed at empowering Indigenous youth in the areas of sport, education, and culture. In 2020, Kendra created a bursary opportunity for single mothers in high school or university. Kendra was instrumental in the rise of Neechie Gear to global success. Although she has her own challenges as a single mother, she believes that true success comes from our ability to help others in need. Her goal is to help you move forward in a healthy way.

Every person is faced with personal and professional challenges. It takes energy and perseverance to overcome these obstacles – through the power of storytelling. Kendra shares what it takes to heal and move forward in a healthy way. In this high-energy, inspiring, workshop, Kendra takes us on her profoundly moving personal journey from overcoming life’s challenges to achieving extraordinary success. From her best-selling book Surviving Domestic Violence, Kendra shares her strategies and tools to create A Path to Healing that will motivate attendees to begin their own healing journey.

Attendees will gain:

Deep insights into healing from trauma

4 aspects of wellness

Educating about the importance of self-care

Understanding work/life balance

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