How I Raised My First 100K – And What I Did Next | Startup Women

This is the fourth of five webinars Startup Canada will host, as part of the Startup Women 2023 program. These webinars aim to support the business development of women-identifying entrepreneurs and give them the tools and know-how to navigate the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey. 

Learn from women founders about how they secured their first $100k, from building their pitch deck to getting the signature on the cheque! Learn how they achieved their funding goals and how you can apply what they learned in your own fundraising journey.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
9 – 10 AM PT | 12 – 1 PM ET


Early-stage, women-identifying entrepreneurs wanting to learn from fellow women-identifying entrepreneurs on how they navigated their fundraising journey and how they put that money to use in their business.

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