CRA Liaison Small Business Support Seminar

A ‘how to’ in terms of filing one’s income tax return for self-employed individuals (sole props and partnerships, not Corps). Follow the numbers from the original documents (receipts and invoices) to one’s books to reporting on the T2125 and the GST return. We will also spend time discussing how to sort out the costs which have personal components (home office, car, cell phone, meals) so you can accurately report those amounts which are related to the operation of your business.
We will also review some of the more common errors people make when filing, and the importance of keeping a clean and organized set of books and records.


Presented by: Ted Stensrud, CRA

Ted Stensrud has been with the CRA for 16 years, the last six as a Liaison Officer.

Prior to that he worked as an Income Tax Auditor in the Small and Medium enterprise section.

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