Morouge Canada

I am the founder of Morouge Canada, a Saskatoon-based natural skincare and candle company. I launched the business in late 2019, two years after arriving in Saskatoon as a newcomer to Canada, and the business has grown rapidly since then. Our products are sold in major retail stores including Safeway, Sobeys, and IGA in Saskatoon and surrounding areas, as well as local boutiques such as SaskMade Marketplace. 

Unfortunately, shortly after we launched, the pandemic hit, causing hardships along our journey. We turned all the limitations facing us during the pandemic into ways to be more creative, to learn, and to invest in product development. 

Throughout this journey, and particularly during the challenging year we faced in 2020, we have always reached out to SK Startup Institute for help and advice. Whether we needed referrals, legal and accounting experts, or guidance on navigating the business environment, SK Startup Institute was always ready with helpful, relevant support. I cannot imagine how hard it would have been to succeed in our business had it not been for this guidance. SK Startup Institute services are crucial for growing businesses in Saskatchewan.