Ashley Dean

Manager | Client Services

Ashley hails from rural Saskatchewan but moved to Saskatoon for university. She is passionate about the people in her life and values her relationships with friends and family above all. 

As Manager of Client Services Ashley sees SK Startup Institute as a bustling place where ideas flourish and entrepreneurs can make their business dreams come true. She is inspired daily by the people she meets and the passion and ideas they bring. She enjoys making the process of starting a business easier to navigate and finds it incredibly rewarding to finish a meeting and hear an entrepreneur say “I feel like this is really possible for me!” 

Outside of work, Ashley can be found painting and creating art, thrifting, reading mystery books, visiting new restaurants and trying new foods, and learning how to crochet. 


Ashley studied Physiology and Pharmacology, as well as Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan for over 4 years. Since then she has been working and gaining experience in other industries where she can still help people, but in different ways.

Areas of Expertise

Business Startup, Market Research, Funding Options, Business Set-up Guidance, Business Plan, and Marketing Strategies.

Skills & Strengths (aka. Superpowers)

Business strategy, marketing, critical thinking, problem-solving, and networking.